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Steps Taken By The Hospital During Covid 19

Over the course of the financial year 2020-22, when COVID-19 struck globally, GHRC BSES MG Hospital offered to be converted into a COVID hospital and has treated over 2500 patients out of which 39% were from the general category and the other 61% COVID patients were inclusive of private and another government subsidized circular for treating COVID patients – Annexure C.

Efforts Taken:

  • The Oxygen line was increased in all beds.
  • Arranged oxygen concentrators of 5 liters and 10 liters 
  • Increased jumbo cylinders.
  • Purchased PPE consumables specific to corona patients
  •  Purchased Bipaps and Ventilators 
  • Arranged separate entry exit for Covid and Non-Covid patients by providing barricades, separate lifts, etc
  • Recruited additional 33 Health care workers (including doctors) to cope with the flux of Covid patients
  • Training given to staff for treatment protocols 
  •  Training given to all staff for Covid appropriate protocols 
  • Training given to security staff for maintaining separation of Covid and Non-Covid patients’ entry and exit.

Doctors consulting with COVID patients

3rd Floor ICU during COVID

Pathology Department

Vaccination Drives Conducted by GHRC BSES MG Hospital

GHRC BSES MG Hospital started its vaccination drive on 1st April 2021.

Initially, the vaccination doses were bought from BMC ( MCGM) and administered to Health Care workers and senior citizens. According to government norms and regulations- the hospital started its vaccination drive in a phase-wise manner – with the vaccines bought from BMC- the hospital vaccinated close to 2500 beneficiaries.

The hospital then decided to buy 24000 doses directly from the Serum Institute of India.

These 24000 doses were self financed.

Camps were held in Corporate, Housing Societies, and even in the Palghar District of Maharashtra

GHRC BSES MG Hospital has continued vaccinating beneficiaries of the state after purchasing further self financed 15000 doses from the Serum Institute of India.

In all, GHRC BSES MG Hospital has vaccinated over 41,500 beneficiaries in-house and in camps – corporate and rural in the year 2021.

Some of our beneficiaries include:

  • Bhaitya and Associates
  • Protera
  • Bayview LLP
  • Holiday Inn
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Orient Technologies
  • Viraj Industries
  • Lions Club
  • AU Bank
  • Next Gen
  • Ekta Trinity
  • Housing Societies

Corporate Vaccination Drives

Due to the decrease in the number of Covid patients, the hospital submitted its request to the local authorities for conversion to a non-covid hospital in March 2022 to better serve the other non-convenient group.

The patient admissions were largely limited to COVID patients and hence the performance report for the year 2020 reflects a drop in surgeries and deliveries.

Awards and Recognitions

The hospital became a Covid Hospital in May 2020 hence deliveries/ operations/ OPD were affected.

But as we entered the new year of 2022, where a majority of the population was vaccinated and the pandemic had subsided, we saw more patients come in for deliveries. The hospital supported 66% of deliveries with various financial subsidies.

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