Brahmakumaris’ Global Hospital & Research Centre – Modular OT Inauguration


The formal Inaugural Ceremony of fully renovated Modular Operation Theatre Complex at Brahmakumaris’ Global Hospital & Research Centre Managing BSES MG Hospital, Andheri (W) was held on 29th May, 2022. This state-of-the-art OT complex was inaugurated by District Governor, Shri Rajendra Agarwal, of Rotary 3141 at 10:00 am on 29th May, 2022 along with Ms. Shehnaaz Gill, Guest of Honor, B.K Yogini Didi, Hon. Director GHRC BSES MG Hospital, B.K  Meera Didi, Director Brahmakumaris Santacruz Subzone, Rotary President Bharat Dhanki and other dignitaries.

The project was initiated by President Bharat Dhanki, of the Rotary Club of Bombay Airport and houses four state-of-the-art Operation Theatres, a doctor’s room, a scrub room, and a post-surgery recovery room; supported by their donors.

B.K. Yogini Didi, Hon. Director BSES MG Hospital and Trustee Global Hospital & Research Centre, Mt Abu; B. K. Meera Didi, Brahmakumaris Santacruz Subzone and Trustee; Ms. Shehnaaz Gill, Guest of Honor,  President Bharat Dhanki, of Rotary Club of Bombay Airport, CDG. Rahul Timbadia, Medical Director Rahul Patel, Donors, and Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Bombay Airport were present at the inauguration ceremony. The function was also attended by the entire staff of the Operation Theatre along with Doctors and HODs. President Bharat Dhanki expressed his gratitude for being associated with the ongoing contribution of the Brahamakumaris’ GHRC BSES MG Hospital’s noble work toward patients of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

The new OT complex—built over 3300 square feet and equipped with modern equipment is an initiative to offer a wide range of safe and effective surgery to patients. Each modular OT is equipped with laminar airflow systems with HEPA filters, ceiling-mounted pendants, and antistatic and antibacterial flooring. The OTs have requisite medical equipment, patient monitoring systems, LED surgical lights, state-of-the-art OT tables, and operating microscopes in the operating rooms which are second to none. A high-quality HVAC system with temperature and humidity control, MGPS (medical gas pipeline system), OT control panel and door hermetically sealed doors add to the efficacy of the OT complex. These facilities will provide the most conducive environment for all major surgeries with the least probability of infections and elevate the levels of patient care.

B.K Yogini Didi, said that the new complex will radically enhance the quality of service to the patients. “The well-designed operating rooms,” she said, “shall improve the safety, speed and efficiency of the surgery.”

Speaking of the necessity to continuously upgrade the hospital, B. K Yogini Didi said that the Hospital is undergoing major modernization works to enable the institution to respond more effectively to the challenging demands of the healthcare. Dr. Narayan Khadelwal, Medical Superintendent, GHRC BSES MG Hospital said “the new modular OT with laminar air flow will enable us to perform all kind of surgeries from major to minor in a better way with good outcome”. 

GHRC BSES MG Hospital provides all kind of surgeries like Oncosurgery, Urosurgery, Knee and Joint Replacement, General Surgery, ENT and Ophthalmic Surgeries and many patients will be benefitted by this arrangement.

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