Arthoscopic Surgeon
NameDays FloorTiming
Dr. Nikhil GokhaleThursdayGr. Floor 4pm-5pm
NameDays Timing
Dr. Nitesh Karnire Tuesday / Saturday2nd Floor12pm-1pm
Dr. Sunil DabhadeFriday2nd Floor11am-1pm
Dr. Tabassum Khan Wednesday7th Floor12pm-1pm
Dr. Amey TirodkarMon, Wed & fri2nd Floor2pm - 4pm
Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgeon
NameDays Timing
Dr.Nilesh WalkeMon-Wed-Sat2nd Floor9am-10am
Dr. Chaitanya ShetheMon to Sat2nd Floor10am-12pm
Chest Physician
NameDays Timing
Dr. Vaibhav KubalTuesday - Friday2nd Floor10am to 11am
Dr.Pratik AgrawalMon-Wed-Fri2nd Floor1pm - 2pm
Dr. Prajay Lunia Thursday2nd Floor1pm - 2pm
Dr. Jaisingh Phadtare Friday2nd Floor3pm- 4pm
NameDays Timing
Dr.Purvi ChawalaThursday2nd Floor11am-12pm
Dr. Manoj Chawla Tuesday2nd Floor11am-12pm
NameDays Timing
Dr. C.K. Punmia Friday2nd Floor2pm-4pm
ENT Surgeon
NameDays Timing
Dr. Keya Shah Mon, Wed, Fri2nd Floor10am-11am
Dr. Viraj Keluskar Mon to Sat2nd Floor11am-12.30pm
NameDays Timing
Dr. Mayur MehtaMon, Wed, FriGr. Floor 6pm-7pm
NameDays Timing
Dr. Nitin Jain Mon / Thurs2nd Floor2pm to 3pm
General Surgeon
NameDays Timing
Dr. Hemal Bhagat Mon-Wed-Fri2nd Floor4pm-5pm
Dr. Shankar Kanthe Tuesday, Friday2nd Floor11am-1pm
Dr. Miket Mehta Wednsday, Saturday2nd Floor11am-12pm
Dr. Nipun Rangwala Monday , ThursdayGr. Floor 9am to 11am
Dr. Simi Saxena Tuesday,FridayGr. Floor 9am to 11am
Dr. Parthiv SanghviWednsday, SaturdayGr. Floor 9am to 11am
NameDays Timing
Dr. Archana GaonkarMon to SatGr. Floor 6pm-8pm
Dr. Meghna Bhagwat Mon to Sat2nd Floor11am-3pm
Dr. Shaily Dungarwal Tues , Thurs2nd Floor10am-11am
Dr. Pallavi Shah Wed , ThursGr. Floor 10am - 1pm
Dr. Parmesh Rathi Tues, FriGr. Floor 9am to 11am
NameDays Timing
Dr. K KollareTues , ThursGr. Floor 4pm-6pm
Dr. Amit PatelTuesday Gr. Floor 1pm-2pm
Dr. Kothari Wednesday Gr. Floor 9am to 11am
Dr. Vinay Parvatkar Friday Gr. Floor 9am to 11am
Dr. L . C Jain MondayGr. Floor 9am to 11am
Dr. Miranda SaturdayGr. Floor 9am to 11am
Neuro Surgeon
NameDays Timing
Dr. Anuj Bhide Monday2nd FloorBy Appointment
NameDays Timing
Dr. Satish Wagh Wednsday-Friday2nd Floor10am to 11am
NameDays Timing
Dr. Paras Dedhia Mon to Sat2nd Floor1pm-2pm
Dr. Rajesh KumarWednsday2nd Floor5pm to 6pm
NameDays Timing
Dr. Harshit Vaidya Monday-Friday2nd FloorBy Appointment
Dr Kruti ShahMonday-Thursday2nd Floor10am to 11am
Dr. Vani Parekh Tuesday - Saturday2nd Floor9am-11am
Dr. Shraddha Seth Tuesday - Saturday2nd Floor11am-12pm
NameDays Timing
Dr. Narayan KhandelwalMon to Sat2nd Floor9am-5.30pm
Dr. Mihir PatelTuesday/FridayGr. Floor 4pm-5pm
Dr. V G Telang Monday / SaturdayGr. Floor 7pm-9pm
Paediatric Surgeon
NameDays Timing
Dr. Parag KarkeraMonday , WednsdayGr. Floor 7pm-8pm
Paediatric Nephrologist
NameDays Timing
Dr. Kunal PaiMonday , WednsdayGr. Floor 8pm-9pm
NameDays Timing
Dr. Minjal ShahWed , SatGr. Floor 4pm-6pm
Dr. Aashish Patrikar TuesdayGr. Floor 9am to 11am
Dr. Nita Shah Thursday Gr. Floor 9am to 11am
NameDays Timing
Dr. Keertik SreewastavThurs , SatGr. Floor 5pm-7pm
Speech therapy and Audiometry
NameDays Timing
Dr. Prajakta Patil Tues, Thurs2nd FloorBy Appointment
Spine Surgeon
NameDays Timing
Dr. Pradyuman RathiTues, Thur, SatGr. Floor 5pm-7pm
Dr. Alpesh Chaudhary Wed , Sat2nd FloorBy Appointment
NameDays Timing
Dr. Mukesh Shah Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat2nd FloorBy Appointment
Dr. Abhishek Shah Mon , Thurs2nd FloorBy Appointment
Stress Test & 2D – Echo
NameDays Timing
Dr. Hanish Divadiga Mon to Sat2nd Floor4pm - 5pm
NameDays Timing
Dr. Apurva Jadhav Mon, Wed & FriGr. Floor 11 am - 1pm
Dr. Pranay Pardeshi Mon, Wed & FriGr. Floor 2pm - 5pm
Dr. Shomika GueTue , Thur & SatGr. Floor 11 am - 2pm
Dr. Kashi Pujari Tue , Thur & SatGr. Floor 3pm - 4pm
Dr. Sanket Meher Wednesday Gr. Floor 1pm - 2pm